Lucky Bounce

So this is what I'm working on right now...

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 2.06.22 PM.png

Yes, Eli and Holly's story is next in line. If you've read Lucky Number, you know why. ;-) 

It's funny, I have people emailing me all of the time asking about Eli and when they're getting his story. People love him, despite his faults. And he has more than a few!

However, I think that people will be pretty surprised to discover WHAT Eli's story is all about. We've had hints about him since book one. He's obviously the practical joker, the flirt, and the major player compared to all of the other guys. He's incredibly smart, but funnels it into his game. He might like to tease, but he's always there to help when it comes right down to it, even if he might go about it the wrong way. Yet we know he's hiding something.

And when you find out what he's hiding? 


Of course, Holly's the perfect person to uncover all of his secrets. After all, she's kind of a take-no-prisoners kind of girl, and never hesitates to show the sharp side of her tongue when it comes to putting Eli Donnelley in his place. She misses a side of him she grew to love back in college, and who better to strip Eli bare—literally and figuratively—than Holly? But she's got a few demons she's wrestling with as well. Can't make it too easy on our heroine, right?

They were friends first, before they ever shared that one drunken night together seven years ago, and they've got a lot to rediscover about each other. And new things to learn as well. Some of it just isn't pretty, but other parts? Well, other parts might just make you think that they might be perfect soulmates. So perfect in fact, that it hurts.

These two are going to have to work really hard for their happily ever after. 

Happy Monday, everyone!