Here we go, writing Chapter 1!

Starting a new book can be incredibly exciting. The fresh possibilities that await are endless. A new book can be ANYTHING you want it to be, and I love that. I think that's why writers love notebooks so much. All of those blank pages seem so full of hope. That, and we love colorful pens. ;-)

This is the first time that I've started to work on a book that so many people are anticipating. I'm a perfectionist, so getting things "just right" is always in the back of my mind. But here's the thing, I think I need to throw that all out of the window for Eli and Holly. Because they are perfectly imperfect, and I want that to be very apparent from the get-go in their story.

I had some fun on Facebook yesterday, asking readers to post gifs of what they thought Eli might look like. I've always had a very specific hockey player in mind when I think of how Eli looks, but I won't ever share it. When I was watching a game and saw this guy grin, it was like being hit over the head. The character of Eli was born in that moment. Same goes for Holly. I have a very specific actress pictured in my head when I write her, as well. But even so, the real people I originally pictured become soft and hazy as I get to know the characters better, and they take on their very own qualities and quirks. They morph, so to speak. So even though I may have a person in mind for the original inspiration, it never ends up that way completely in my head. Writing can be so weird sometimes. 

I've always been disappointed when authors tell readers who they think a character looks like, because it varies wildly from my own vision as a reader. And then I can't UNSEE their version, you know? I get it, it can be fun, but I don't want to take away what you guys see, because that's half of the fun of reading. Your brain fills in details you didn't even realize, with very little prompting. Books...they are true magic!

Anyway, this day has mostly consisted of me writing the first chapter of Lucky Bounce, and damn, it's so much fun. I took nine days off after releasing Lucky Number, because I needed a break. That book was SO LONG, and I needed a bit of down time. I'm also sick today, which kind of sucks, but I have my two kitties hanging around me while I tap away on my laptop, so that always helps.

So I'm signing off to get back to that first chapter. The last thing I want to do is have another long wait between books.

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Have a happy Tuesday, guys!