Write, write, write away...

So, the past few days have left me in bed fighting a miserable creeping crud of a sore throat/fever/sinus thingy. So not fun, and I'm the worst at fevers. Still, it's allowed me to get some work done between fitful periods of sleep! 

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Maybe it's not a ton of words, but hey, it's a great start to Eli and Holly's story. The first chapters always see me nailing out the details of where the story is going. I wrote the first chapter with one thing in mind, then turned around and decided to do something else entirely different. It's a process, but it's necessary. Now, at least I know where I'm going. Usually when I hit the middle, I start to plot more. Some writers are plotters, some are pantsers (they write by the seat of their pants, with no idea where the characters will take them). I'm a weirdo combination of both. 

Holly is the first female character that I've written who isn't what I call "quietly strong." She's mouthy, opinionated, and pretty confident. But we all know there's got to be a soft, squishy side to her, right? And you'll see that side come out, through her cat, Miss.


I mean, how can she resist that FACE? 

Giving Holly a furry friend who's been there for her through thick and thin was the right thing to do. And it's a lot of fun when Eli, who's never even had an animal, learns that these two are a package deal. 

Miss was actually MY cat, who was my little buddy for almost 11 years. I lost her on New Year's Day, but she was such a wonderful cat that I wanted to share her with the world. I love that I can do that through Holly, and in a sense, she gets to live on forever. I hope everyone who reads Lucky Bounce will love her just as much as I did.

I just want to add that Lucky Number has been out for about ten days now, and wow, I am so overwhelmed at the reception to this book. I'm not the kind of author who has a review team, or an ARC team (I really should be, but I seem to always be running behind) so to see that I have a handful of wonderful reviews really makes me proud. I'm so thankful for my readers, and I am beyond happy that everyone seems to really love Brandon and Hannah's story.

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Until next time, lovelies!

Have a great Thursday!