All Penelope Foster wanted was a vacation in Vegas to escape a family tragedy. But when her car breaks down in the middle of the desert, it seems her holiday is destined for disaster before it even begins.

Until he roars up.

Tall and tattooed West Keller is a famous hockey player and notorious playboy. Penelope isn’t the kind of girl who would normally catch his eye, but something about the cute, vulnerable blonde appeals to him. He offers her a ride into the city, with the expectation of never seeing her again. So what harm can one little lie really do?

Once Penelope steps into his truck, she’s swept up in the passion and excitement of their intense fling-a fling that’s quickly growing into something deeper as they discover they have way more in common than hot sex. But when the chips are down, Penelope discovers that not everything about West is what it seems. 

She has to choose whether to walk away and cut her losses, or see it through and go all in with no fear. Can she beat the odds and find true love in Vegas?