Luck of the Draw: The Las Vegas Kingsnakes #4


Sexy ball gown?
Designer high heels?
You know it.
Makeup on point?
Of course.
Crashing a famous hockey player’s invitation-only masquerade ball?
Uh...well, you only live once, right?
Check...and check!

Despite her best friend’s insistence she find a hot guy to hook up with at a New Year’s Eve party, an awkward morning-after with a stranger isn’t high on party crasher Lia’s to-do list. Years of mediocre dates and one recently failed relationship have left the college senior’s faith in happily-ever-afters at an all-time low.

Until she meets him.

After losing her balance—and her shoe—Lia falls into the arms of a handsome stranger with the bluest eyes and sexiest mouth she’s ever seen. They share a fairytale-like evening together, and soon she finds herself losing her heart to the man behind the mask.

Backup goaltender Adam Evans isn’t looking for love. His last relationship broke both his spirit and his heart. After being traded to the Las Vegas Kingsnakes, the last thing on his mind is getting involved with anyone, yet art student Lia Milano is proving impossible for him to resist. She’s sweet, funny, and easy to talk to—all of which are balm to his anxiety-ridden, socially awkward soul. Before he can blink, he’s spending every spare moment with the bubbly blonde.

Their relationship quickly becomes an unstoppable force—moving as fast as a hundred-mile-an-hour puck. But when a split-second, careless mistake brings it all crashing down, Adam will have to face his fears and attempt the biggest save of his life: proving to Lia that happily-ever-afters really do exist.

NOTE: This book can be read as a stand alone story, as it does not follow the timeline of the other books in the series since it is a special Valentine’s Day novella..